ОАО "Витебскдрев"
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  • Flat wooden pallets designed for forming transport packages when performing mechanized processes of moving warehousing and transportation by road and railway transport.

  • Used in the manufacture ofsoftwood lumber of 2,3, 4 grades.

  • When transporting in road transport flat wooden pallets and covers to the flat wooden pallets stacked in a pile. The height of the stack depends on the type of vehicle, in which the stack will be transported to the consumer, as well as from the method of forming the stack (with a coup on 1800 or without) and should be within 13-15m.

  • The stack is pulled together by a single row of polypropylene tape near the middle support of the pallet. To avoid crumpling and damage to the surfaces, place the package under the belt of the polypropylene tape plastic corners are laid. For tightening and fixing the ends of the polypropylene tape, a metal packing bracket is used.

  • The shape and size of the package provide mechanization of loading and unloading operations, their reliability and stability in the vehicle.

The format of the pallet