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Production and resources




Board producing

Synthetic and urea resin

JSC Vitebskdrev was at the beginning of its history a small company and founded in 1927, is currently one of the largest woodworking companies in Belarus. JSC Vitebskdrev has the capacity of wood processing up to 1000 m3 per day.

Existing low-waste technology in the enterprise has the possibility of a comprehensive and deep processing of wood, ranging from logging and to manufacturing finished products: windows, doors, stools, floor moldings, windows, floor planks, euro-pallets, lumbers, also fiberboards and chipboards.

The complete cycle of production, from harvesting and to the final product manufacturing, allows the walkthrough. JSC VitebskDrev is a diversified economy, which include logging, sawmilling, wood products manufacturing, manufacture of wood-based materials for various purposes, organization of social, cultural and sports spheres.

Over the past 5 years JSC VitebskDrev revealed itself as a rapidly developing and highly efficient enterprise.

The main JSC Vitebskdrev activities are the logging and timber production from its own and imported raw materials.

We produce and negotiate:

JSC Vitebskdrev includes basic and auxiliary facilities; it creates an integrated processing complex. The enterprise includes a logging area, which carry out logging. The LA structure (including area Bogushevsky) is composed of 10 brigades, 160 people. Park logging equipment has following cars "Ural-4320" and "MAZ-6303, tractor TDT-55, TTR-401, T-150, forwarders "Ponsse BUFFALO", harvester Ponsse Ergo, chipper "Farmi" total 70 vehicles. In 2008, wood harvesting 170 thousand m3.

Woodworking shop is equipped with six sawmills frames, pool and playground for mechanized sorting of carving wood. WWS has the power for the saw cut up to 150 thousand m3 of bolt timber per year and produces lumber of various sections (depth - 19-250 mm, width - 80-300 mm, length - up to 6,5 mm). The WWS structure consists of section for the production of blanks for the wooden pallet and timber sawn lengthwise, consisting of two lines for the processing of lumber; section for the production of flat wooden pallets and lids for them based on the Italian line "Storti", capacity of 400 pcs. for 1 shift.

Department of rasp-molded products, equipped with the German 4-side planer "Unimat 500/017 and Unimat 500,019 Classic and fitted with a woodworking tool by company Leitz, produces monthly to 600 m3 profiled parts with different sections.

Drying sector consists of 24 drying chambers of continuous operation (12 steam, 12 gas), the heating materials to which are soft waste wood sawing and milling chips. Volume of drying is 1500-2000 m3 per month.

Woodshop produces windows, marks O2 and O10. The quality of the windows of separate structures secured by the use of modern woodworking equipment of German company Weinig and Italian firms SCM and "Friulmac": multiple saw machine "Profirip KM310", 4-side planer "Unimat 500-6", splicing line Grecon "Profijoint", double-sided tenoning automatic machines Tenoning "Concept NT" and "Qvadramat".

The technological process for production of windows, mark O 10, class "Economic" and "Elite" is based on a three-layer laminated board with triple-pane windows, swing-out deviceof company "Roto", the German parts (seals, pumping). Euro windows are performed on the equipment by the company "Weinig": four-planer machine "Profimat 26" with simultaneous sample layouts for glass, machining centers "Unicontrol 6" with the functions of the formation of spines, profiling and adapting on the outer contour; electro-frame presses by "Polzer"; finishing line for own making on the basis of compressed-air atomizer "Merkur" by American company "Grako". The overall performance of the two streams - up to 8000 m2 per month. The production stream of panel door up to 4000 m2 per month, it is equipped with domestic equipment. The changing market situation requires immediate technical re-equipment and modernization of the door production stream, modern production structures and door design. This work is scheduled for 2009-2010.

The capacity for the production of laminated products - 150 m3 per month for a three-layer beam euro windows, 100 m3 of glued beams for doors and windows, up to 800 m2 window sill, 100 m glued panels for the production of reinforced doors. The main equipment used in production - trimming machines, machine tools Multirip for longitudinal cutting, the four-planer, the line matching the length of miniship "Obles", a cold hydraulic press "Kli", four-sided planer "Profimat 26", large two-sided planer machine "Rotoless", jointer, marking gauge, double-sided dimensioner.

Fiberboard shop is equipped by polish machinery "Zemak" - capacity of 10 million m2 per year. Modernization of the hot press increased production capacity to 12.6 million m2 in 2008. The main raw material for production is firewood for technological needs; sawmill waste and wood, phenol resin, slack dewaxing. The fiberboard production process consists of manufacturing operations received chips (chippers MPH-100), grinding wood chips in two stages (defibrators RT-50, rafinatory RR-50), sizing of wood-fiber pulp (continuous sizing box), forming a carpet (forming machines XB 1700 ), pressing (hot hydraulic press Nr. 5325/27), trimming and cutting boards (line PT-17 / M).

The colored fiberboard production area produces monochrome printed fiberboards and fiberboards simulating the texture of wood 40 thousand m2 per month. The finishing is performed on the aggregate-modular system with water soluble acrylic paint and varnish materials by indirect gravure printing.

Woodchip board shop equipped by German machinery Bekker-Van-Hullen; modernization and technical retooling allowed to raise the productivity from 25 000 m3 of the project up to 42 000 m3. Raw materials for woodchip board production - firewood for technological needs, sawmill waste and wood. Feedback is formaldehyde resins from own production, produced by resins plant of woodchip board shop.

The main technological stages of production - the chip production (chip machine for elongated material of the German company "Hombak), chips drying (drying systems "Progress"), chips sorting (mechanical sorting C-6 - 2 pcs.) chips mixing with a binder (mixing system -5 - 2 pcs.), the carpet formation (the main conveyor, forming station "Shenk"), hot pressing (hydraulic press "Bekker-Van-Hullen"), plate grinding (grinder line "Bizon").

In addition, successfully operates subsidiary shop and ensures the stable and quality activity by single technological complex, also mechanical repair shop, steam-powered sector, configuration shop.

In order to improve the competitiveness of products by JSC Vitebskdrev was developed, introduced and certified quality management system based on ISO 9000.

In order to improve the environmental performance of enterprises and prevent pollution by JSC Vitebskdrev was created and implemented the environmental management system based on standards 14000.