About laboratory

Central Factory Laboratory (TSL) JSC “Vitsebskdrev” is accredited by the State Enterprise “BGCA” for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC 17025 in the field of testing of finished products of woodworking (periodic and certification tests), environmental and radiation control, control of working conditions (periodic tests and tests for the purpose of certification of workplaces). The special feature of TSL is that it is the only laboratory in the Republic of Belarus that tests laminated floor panels (PNL) for light resistance. In this way, we can test the PNL for all the indicators that are necessary to obtain a certificate of conformity of products. In addition, TSL is accredited for methods of control of woodworking products according to national, international and European standards.»

Central Factory Laboratory (hereinafter-TSL) JSC “Vitsebskdrev” was established by Order of the General Director A. P. Reznikov No. 58-k of 01.02.1971 on the basis of the laboratory of physical and mechanical tests of construction and molded products of the central laboratory of PO “Vitsebskdrev”, the sanitary and industrial group and the group of entrance control.

In 1996, TSL received the Certificate of Accreditation BY / 112 2/0250. Since then, and to the present time, the laboratory confirms its status every 5 years.

The laboratory has the right to control the radioactive contamination. Special permit (license) No. 02300/2948-2 was obtained in 1999, which is confirmed every 5 years.

Throughout the entire existence of the TSL, its specialists take an active part in the work of university, inter-university, regional and international scientific and practical conferences with the presentation of reports on the problems of the industry, environmental problems, problems of organizing production control, the implementation of European and international standards in the industry, the peculiarities of accreditation of testing laboratories for quality control and safety of wood products.

The laboratory closely cooperates with the “St. Petersburg Forestry Academy” of the Russian Federation, CJSC “VNIIDREV” (Balabanovo, Russia), UO ” VSTU “(Vitebsk), UO” Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine “(Vitebsk), NPC of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Animal Husbandry (Zhodino), BelNIIEV (Minsk), UO” BSTU ” (Minsk) and other scientific, educational institutions and organizations of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.


More than 200 printed works (articles, reports) have been published, including about 20 author’s certificates and patents of the Republic of Belarus. For the implemented author’s certificates and patents, the head of the TSL was awarded the badge “Inventor of the USSR”. Only in 2016-2017 16 printed works were published, in 2018 – 4 works. Employees of TSL together with OGT, the Department of Standardization, OTC, developed seven technical specifications for new types of products, chemical plant protection products, feed preservatives, MDF/HDF, including laminated, urea-formaldehyde resins (CFS), etc.; technological regulations for the processing and manufacture of disinfectant, feed preservative, production of FSC for MDF/HDF; recommendations for the use of HVC preparations for wood protection, HB-1 disinfectant and HB-2 and HB-2M feed preservatives. Two STBs for wood products have been prepared (“Chipboard boards for construction” and “Wood products for low-rise housing construction”). The laboratory staff participates in reviewing the projects of the TCP, STB, GOST, EN and ISO, preparing reviews of dissertation abstracts, diploma and scientific publications, are involved as official opponents for the defense of dissertations, to participate in the work of the GEK No. 7 of the UO “BSTU”.


At the initiative of TSL employees, a modern eco-efficient technology for wastewater treatment in the fibreboard and MDF/HDF workshop by pressure flotation and a microbiological method for cleaning gas emissions from formaldehyde in the MDF/HDF workshop; technology for producing low-toxic particle boards; replacement of expensive imported hardener (NH4Cl) for curing CFS with a cheaper one produced in the Republic of Belarus; technology for low-tar, low-toxic urea-formaldehyde resins; technology for low-toxic plates (E 0.5-1).

In September 2017, it was decided to establish a testing center for plate products on the basis of the TSL of JSC “Vitsebskdrev” with its accreditation in the additional field of accreditation and the allocation of financial resources for the purchase of European and international standards, the transfer of fundamental standards to the rank of national, the purchase of appropriate testing equipment and measuring instruments.

The laboratory has passed the procedure of updating and accreditation in the additional field of accreditation (Supplement No. 1 of 23.02.2018 to the Field of Accreditation, pr. No. 485 of 23.02.2018 meetings of the technical commission for accreditation of BGCA).


Accreditation in the additional field of accreditation allows TSL to control plate products for compliance with the requirements of European and international standards, essential requirements of TR 2009/013/BY and TR CU 025/2012, to fully implement the Action Plan for certification of products of woodworking organizations that are part of the “Holding of Woodworking Industry Organizations” and the “Bellesbumprom” concern», and also to monitor the quality of imported wood-based sheet materials in the Republic of Belarus and positively influence the export volume of plate products, their competitiveness, improvement of their quality and safety.