Wood-based Panels


  • Plate material produced by dry pressing fine wood chips at high pressure and temperature. As urea resins are used as the binding element. This provides very low formaldehyde emission comparable to that of natural wood (class of emission of formaldehyde - Е1, E0.5)
  • Technological process of production of wood-fiber plates of medium and high-density MDF/HDF is based on an automated equipment company " IMAL "(Italy).


  • Wood fiber plates of the TS brand of the wet production method, manufactured on the equipment "ZGODA" (Poland). Fiberboard is produced using mainly hot pressing technology formed fibreboard carpet with the addition in the case of the need for special components and binding additives. Sizing agents are paraffin emulsion and phenol formaldehyde resin.
  • Fiberboard is also made with a paint coating.